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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 29, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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new bachelor arrest bombshell. >> i rear ended a guy in a tractor. he's not conscious. >> chris soules' frantic 911 car the night of the crash as we uncover a new twist in the investigation. >> sheriff's deputies located chris. >> who helped him flee from the scene. then, abby lee miller's her life changing decision as she faces prison time. >> there's nobody outside to see if i'm going to make it or not. >> "e.t." in the operating room as she has 80% of her stomach removed. plus our all-new interview with j. lo. then -- >> you are the father.
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>> our maury povich exclusive. what you never knew about his show. >> and we are crashing channing tatum's vegas date night. behind the scenes of "magic mike live." >> i don't know if it came from my brain. >> it came from other regions. >> now, this is "entertainment tonight." new insight about chris soules and the cash crash that took a man's life. >> it was chris who called authorities for help after the collision but why did he disappear from the scene? we start with his frantic 911 call. >> i rear ended a guy in a tractor. >> is the tractor in the ditch? >> yes, yes. >> okay. and the guy, was thrown into the ditch? >> yes. >> is the tractor on him? >> no. >> the former bachelor star sounds frantic and emotional as he struggles to help. >> are you talking to him? is he conscious. >> he's not conscious.
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>> what's your name? >> my name is chris soules. >> is he breathing, chris? >> i can't tell. >> does anyone there know how to do cpr? >> i can talk you through it if you are near the patient. >> reporter: at this point someone at the scene attempts cpr on the driver. >> he has a pulse. >> he does have a pulse? i feel a pulse. >> check to see if he is breathing? >> the victim later died at the hospital and things went from bad to worse. >> one of the subjects that was involved took off northbound in a truck. i believe the name on the subject is chris soules. that is the subject that took off. >> soules called 911, left the scene and wasn't arrested until 1:16 a.m., five hours later. we confirmed that alcohol containers were found at the scene. investigators want to know who they belong to. deputies are looking into the identify of another driver who may have picked soules up at the scene and they say he has not
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yet met with investigators. the reality star posted $10,000 bail and charged with a felony for leaving the scene of a fatal crash. but it's possible he could face more charges. >> once the case is done and the county attorney reviews it it is up to him to decide. >> reporter: the county's assistant attorney says that soules hindered the investigation. >> to retrieve mr. soules from inside the house in order to continue the investigation. and at that point the official come out of the house and cooperate. >> reporter: our producer has been covering the story in iowa. >> everyone's thoughts and prayers are with kenny mosier, the farmer killed last week. soules' attorney has asked to file evidence so it can be independently tested. >> at the end of the day a man lost his life. it's a heart breaking situation. the funeral is set for monday.
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check out jennifer lopez last week. my oh, my oh, my wearing a see through jump suit out for a date with her man a. rod and i got to hang out with j. lo this week as she turned heads at the billboard latin music awards and we talked about the j.-rod fascination. >> jennifer lopez, styling. ♪ >> i got to ask you about the nickname and whether you like it or it's annoying, j.-rod. does j. lo give the official okay? >> i mean, it's fine. >> give it up -- >> we kind of thought that might happen. because people knew us were already doan doing it. so it's not like you are original. >> we didn't make it up? >> no. >> oh, man. >> they're j. rod but she is j. whoa. the 47-year-old mom of two
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killing it in not one but two ultra hot looks. ♪ >> the black cut out gown off the runway has the underwear built into the dress. same for the silver outfit she changed into to perform her new single. >> it means look at you. it's about a guy who comes back after he's left a girl and wants to get back together. >> is marc antony out in the audience to cheer you on. how cool is that? >> to have him work with me on the album was scary because i thought we were going the fight. >> did you fight? >> we didn't. it made our relationship better. >> has alex heard the muse snick. >> he has. and he loves it. i bring it home and i want him to hear it and he's so supportive. >> j. lo talked a. rod with
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ellen but her twins stole the show with max hiding in a box. >> do you sing or play anything? >> i'm a gamer. >> do you text? >> yes. >> cameron, do you text? >> yes. >> how is that? >> very, very cute. >> meanwhile over on "the voice" there was a big -- for the first time ever, they added a fifth coach's chair and gwen stefani was smitten with that shania tw >> you're gorgeous. >> when i found out you're coming i had an amazing time listening to all the songs and googling you and the whole thing and getting to know you a little bit and working together and googling you again and learning more. like it was just shania week for me. >> and about to be the summer of shania. she is rolling out her first
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album in nearly 15 years. we saw her meet blake shelton for the first time. >> he is so funny and he knows all my songs. >> of course, you're shania twain. >> he is sweet and kind. >> and while these two are clearly smitten with each other, the mom of three couldn't help but make fun of her man's tattoos. >> been dying to ask about the fake tattoos. what would you do if they got a real one? >> i would hope that we could talk about what it is. that's it. okay, guys? >> got it. but i think dusty rhodes is going to want some. >> i got them so she wouldn't think they were cool and she wouldn't want them. >> we could get one like blake's tattoo. it's a good idea. maybe if i cover my body with tattoos my kids won't get one. nothing? you are thinking.
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you have the visuals going on in that mind of yours. >> let's move on now, you know her from "dance moms" but abby lee miller might be heading to prison for fraud. >> it is odd that she would opt to have weight loss surgery. >> i was there before and after abby went under the knife. >> i'm scared and nervous. i don't have anyone counting on me. >> how do you mean? >> i'm an only child. i'm not married. i don't have any kids. so there's nobody freaking out if something happens to me. >> revealing tears, a rarely seen vulnerable side to the former "dance moms" star. >> i will take away her title in a minute. >> this isn't life or death surgery scary. >> reporter: the reality star opting for gastric sleeve surgery.
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but could this be a diversion against the fraud case against her. she faces ten years in prison but says no. >> people are saying but your sentencing is coming up in a couple weeks. that is true and i'm nervous about that, more than the surgery. but there's no right time. and i thought you know what, go for it, do it now so that whatever happens maybe you'll be healthier. >> abby lee is bitter at lifetime and the "dance moms" producers. they believe she is to blame for keeping her fat. >> i tried to be vegan but they would laugh in my face. they didn't care if i was trying to be vegan, hand me a hoagie sandwich from somewhere. >> abby has a bad back and bad knees and insurance wouldn't cover a knee replacement unless she loses weight. >> i hate what i look like on tv. and you know, i want to look
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better and nothing makes the mothers more jealous. >> that's your motivation. >> pay back's a [ bleep ]. >> so we've just entered her d abdomen. >> the surgery takes 90 minutes and 80% of her stomach is removed. >> i'm in pain. not going the lie. it's not throbbing but a discomfort. >> the doctor says it went perfectly and abby's pain is normal. >> the sleeve itself doesn't hurt her. it can cause some nausea but the main pain is with the incision. the best way to describe it is like she did a thousand situps. >> abby's diet will be restricted. >> what do you have to give up? >> i'm on a liquid diet for three weeks. so -- >> how do you feel about that? the silence says so much.
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>> they said, to buy a shot glass and put the water and the protein shakes in these shot glass and drink it one ounce at a time. so i'm just going to do shots for three weeks. >> once she is off the liquid diet planning meals will get complicated. her sentencing is may 8th. prison time is possible and they may not accommodate her special diet. what about in the long term? a good protein, low fat? >> it's the same diet, you have heard for -- the no potatoes new york city rice, no noodles. >> mama june did a show about her journey. >> i know. >> i didn't see it and i saw the interview afterwards. she sounds the same, though. >> losing weight is not going to change that would you consider that, to document your journey
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for -- >> sure. >> abby lee told me she had a few meetings. >> i bet that we will see her back on television at some point, for sure. >> no doubt about it. >> up next, we are with tom hanks. why hollywood's nicest guy is going bad for his new role. >> plus our exclusive with the stallone sisters. >> pulling each other's hair in that shot. >> what does sly think of his daughters' modelling career. >> and mila kunis shares her childhood photoance how she is preparing her incredible bladder protection in a pad this thin, i didn't... ...think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet for bladder leaks, the super... ...absorbent core turns liquid to gel. i know i'm wearing it but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks.
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any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor about brilinta. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca... ...may be able to help. [car engine failing to start] [wind blows] yo- wh- ah- he- [gas pouring] [slurps loudly] [engine starting] [loud slurping continues] making me a little bit agitated. >> you're not shooting anybody. >> i will show you in the lorax. >> in theaters this weekend, "how to be a latin lover" a lot
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of ladies have a thing for mr. lowe including one of the most beautiful in hollywood, kate beckon sa beckinsale. >> she must have had time on her hands back then, composing a fake proemz from rob. >> you go, this really happened? amazing. >> lowe had a trip down memory lane with his son visiting the house in tulsa that was used in "the outsiders" the 1983 film that launched his career. >> it's like going back to your college dorm and walking through the hallways going i remember what happened here. >> reporter: in his film, rob is vying for the affections of rack el welsh. >> it's my first time starring
9:16 pm
in english. i'm excited and nervous. >> what is the one defining quality of a good lover? >> inventiveness. >> love, i guess, feeling. >> you don't know positions do you? >> on my set visit i got a lesson on sex appeal from the 9-year-old playing the nephew. >> can i take you home with me? >> every time osei you what do i ask? >> can i take your home? >> that's right. >> i have to go home with my mom. >> again, like i always tell you, i have to check with my mom. >> this is rob as the new -- >> come on. >> i love he is appearing in new ads. >> can he have any more jobs? >> can he give me a two piece and a biscuit? tom hanks debuting a sci-fi thriller with his wife rita wilson and they are
9:17 pm
#relationshipgoals. >> is it a date night? >> why not. >> free movie and a -- you know, going to a party afterwards. >> upping that glam factor, tom's costar emma watson in a custom silk berber gone. >> he is funny and kind and generous to work with and very hard working. and he's all the things. >> but in "the circle" tom, the nicest guy in hollywood shows a sinister side as the founder of a social media company. >> knowing is good but nothikno everything is better. >> i remember reading the book and i couldn't sleep. i was thinking about it for weeks. i love sleep. if i can get into double budgets i'm happy. >> while emma is skipping sleep, tom missed a mini "that thing
9:18 pm
you do" reunion. he wrote, directed and starred in the movie. >> i like it, that thing you do. it's snappy. >> i didn't know anything about it. it was the coolest thing in the world. they didn't even lip sync it. they sang the song themselves. god bless them. still ahead, mila kunis' home makeover while pregnant. remodelling her childhood condo. and our exclusive with sly's daughters as we try to stump the stallones. what they don't know about their famous father. i'm with amy schumer and goldie hawn as we flash back to the set of "overboard" with goldie. >> i
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(laughs) come on! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy. go for the gold. your basement. >> this is beautiful. >> come on. >> cameron, i love a reveal.
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>> that's so sweet. ashton kutcher giving his parents the shock of their life and mila kunis is surprising her folks. >> i wanted to renovate my parents' condo. >> her parents didn't want to move so their star daughter wanted to get them a home makeover. they came to the u.s. when mila was a little girl. >> i grew up in the ukraine in a small town and when i was 9 i moved into the condo that my parents live in. i graduated high school in that condo. i got my first dog in that condo. everything in my career happened there. >> she took part in the demolition while pregnant. >> if anyone is knocking down that wall it's me. i'm dragging my husband along to do the heavy lifting. >> whoa. >> mila was 14 and ashton, 20
9:22 pm
when we met them on "that '70s show." they have two children. and probably saw mila's mom in the closing credits of "bad moms". >> sometimes you have to make people happy, to lie a little bit. >> what do you think? >> what i think? i don't know. >> do you like it? >> yes, i do. >> i love it. i love it. and i know you want to see more, check out the latest episode of the web series "my house". >> sylvester stallone and his three daughters we are seeing the sisters everywhere. they recently went with their dad to his guardians of the galaxy volume two premier. and now they are sitting down with us to play stump the stallones. >> how many films has your dad played rocky balboa in? >> six. >> seven.
9:23 pm
how many films has he played john rambo in? >> four. >> killed it. mow oscar nominations has he received? >> not winning -- >> four. >> he has been nominated three times. >> was i right? >> yeah. >> sophia, who is 20, 16, 18 and 14-year-old scarlet may not know everything about his movies but they know everything about his instagram history. they star in most of his posts. >> your dad's instagram is awesome. >> so we've heard. >> i made you din herb, just go eat it. >> he did a pretend strangle his brother. i like his series of torturing his brother. >> age inappropriate for me to have. so i said let me just tease you guys. >> but that's you every day. >> yeah. >> papa stallone has plenty to
9:24 pm
be proud of since his daughters were ms. golden globes, film and modelling offers have poured in. and now they are on the cover of "harper's bazaar." >> we were laughing the whole time. we were pulling each other's hair in that shot. >> have you seen this yet? >> i did. -- i said, boy, they look pretty. why don't they look like that every day? >> while the girls say they do not think they inherited the acting gene i'm not so sure about that. i wouldn't be surprised if they got approached for a reality show. these two are not related by blood but i'm pretty sure. we should check that. kate hudson just might have a new sister. >> this is a dog whistle. >> i looked at her and thought she could be my daughter and that's when i had this urge to
9:25 pm
hold her. i did. >> these two really connected playing mother and daughter. they had a blast, both shooting, and vacationing together in hawaii. >> did you go on vacation again together and if so, where? >> iceland. >> iceland, easter island. >> i was -- >> it all ends inland. >> someone needs to shoot it. >> that will definitely be private. >> good. >> amy is a fan of goldie's film "overboard." kurt and goldie just had their son wyatt. >> you were talking about kurt and the kids. >> family to me is wonderful time. i'd like to freeze my children right where they are. >> oh, my god, i'm crying. >> how is that for you watching that? >> making that movie was magical.
9:26 pm
i can't explain the experience of being with your family and being in love and having a new baby and making that movie. and you know, i'll tell you something else, sometimes i see myself in katie. and i don't have my glasses on right now. but when i was looking at that, i wondered if kate was going to do a saturday night spoof on me. >> i love sitting down with those two. and second of all the two of them in the movie will make you laugh. >> a bunch, right? >> they are funny together. >> still to come, george clooney in six movie classics. >> where are we going? >> we're behind the scenes with the dad to be for an exclusive look at his new project. plus this is not us. how milo vent ventimiglia's new role is far from jack. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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if you are just joining us here are the top five stories. abby lee miller in tears before her life altering surgery. >> i'm scared. i'm nervous. i don't have anyone counting on me. >> how do you mean? >> i'm an only child. i'm not married. i don't have any kids. so there's nobody freaking out if something happens to me. >> the former "dance moms" star underwent gastric sleeve surgery to get her weight under control. >> i want to look better and nothing makes the moms more jealous. >> there's your motivation. >> pay back's a [ bleep ]. janet jackson is moving on following her break upof her five-year marriage. >> this is a story about control. >> it was a mom's night out for the singer, catching bruno mars'
9:31 pm
performance. she is spending time with her brother randy, who lives in london. number three, hollywood mourns the loss of a "happy days" star. for 11 seasons, erin moran starred as joanie cunningham on the series. >> it's always a battle. am i pretty enough? am i happy enough? >> erin likely succumbed to complications of stage four chance. she was 56. j. lo dishes about her guy a. rod. >> i got to ask you about the nickname. what is the official -- does j. lo give the official okay? >> i mean, it's fine. ♪ we kind of thought that might happen. >> the 47-year-old mom of two killing it in not one but two
9:32 pm
ultra hot looks. but where was her other half. >> he should be here. >> he is working in connecticut. but he'll be here later. >> and the number one story of the week, former bachelor star chris soules tragic iowa car accident that left one man dead. >> i rear ended a guy in a tractor. >> is the tractor in the ditch? >> yes, yes. >> what's your name? >> my name is chris soules. >> is he breathing, chris? >> i can't tell. >> the victim later died at the hospital. soules was taken into custody tuesday accused of leaving the scene of an accident. he posted $10,000 bail. go to for the latest. it's my birthday and i would really, really like to see the dance. >> how do you not love him? >> milo ventimiglia had us all as the sexy, romantic husband
9:33 pm
and loving father, jack. but is he a different type of guy in his new movie. we talked to milo as he hit the red carpet. >> shut up. >> playing a very different role than you are used to seeing me. >> are there any similarities between the creepy guy? >> they have the same initials. jack pierson has three kids and that's a lot to manager. but he has a heavy burden on his soul. >> the unmarried milo may have them some day. >> it would be great to have a family and be a father and all that. but at the same time, i'm in no hurry for it. >> as for mandy moore, she and her costars were all just honored in "people" magazine's most beautiful issue. >> i get the front row seat to how beautiful they are as human
9:34 pm
beings. it's nice that fans and audiences see more of that. >> will milo start his own campaign for sexiest man alive with sterling k. brown. >> sterling k. brown is -- i mean, he is sexy. he is sexy dictionary classic. sterling k. brown is sexy. but then there is justin hartley. so i don't know. >> sterling, justin, milo -- i don't know how i'm supposed to choose. they are all so sexy. >> they are. and i'm going the keep it moving. george clooney, now what does george love most in life? >> wivy amal and those babies on the way. >> apparently this is one other thing that the oscar winner can want live without. >> i remember when i was a kid, sneaking a cup of my dad's coffee at work. >> dad is not okay with you swiping his cup of joe. >> about three cups a day. >> the man loves his coffee.
9:35 pm
even willing to get soaked for his latest ad. >> we had a fake rainstorm. >> he makes cameos in no less than six classic films including sea biscuit, psycho, easy rider and even the muppets. before riding shotgun with john candy in planes, trains and automobiles and linking up with smokey and the bandit. >> where we going? >> it's easier to work with a green screen and it's fun because the horse and i got along fine. >> and all without uttering a single word. reminiscent of his first ad with the brand. he is reuniting with andy garcia. >> how is it going? >> we were enemies for a period of time. on the film. but we got along later. >> george has a new project
9:36 pm
coming up. you won't see him in it, he is directing and matt damon is the star. from what i have seen and heard this one -- >> you saw some of it? >> i did a little peek. >> do tell. up next i'm in vegas with channing tatum and seeing "magic mike live." but what does channing's wife find sexiest about him? >> my favorite thing i have ever been asked. have assembled.
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matthew perry cracked us up as chandler bing. >> but he was battling alcohol addiction. now he is taking that to new york stage in a show that is art imitating life. >> i'm very artistic now. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you finally made it. >> there's my name right there. >> he is acting in the play that he wrote "the end of longing." matthew has personal ties to the role. >> what did you draw from your own life to bring to the character? >> i'm drawn to characters that start off from broken place and are trying to improve their lives. and that's what i tried to the in my personal life. >> matthew went through rehab in
9:40 pm
199 1997 and again in 2001. he has been open about his battle with addiction and helping those who suffer. >> how do you get the courage to battle that addiction to vicodin. >> you get to a place where you either lie down about it or step up to bat and take your swing. that's what i did. it wasn't really a choice. it was just -- that's what i have to do because there's so much out there that i like. and i didn't want to lose any of it. >> we first met perry as a 25-year-old back in 1994, having fun with his new cast mates on the set of "friends." >> i got to get through. >> that's the thing about this show is we are always there for each other, trying to make a fool out of each other on camera. what? >> "friends" made matthew a star but with fame came the addiction and the fans took notice.
9:41 pm
he told the hollywood reporter in 2015 when i was in big trouble it was so public because i was on a tv show that 30 million people were watching. >> is this a way to share your story with everybody. >> this is not me. it's an exaggerated form of myself. >> matthew has been on the stage before. but these guys just made their stage debut in vegas, the men of "magic mike live." look at them go. >> i don't know what happens to me when i see that. i got to talk to channing tatum. this is now a live male review. and guess who scored a ticket? >> not me. >> everybody enjoy the show. >> you guys are one of the sexiest couples in hollywood. when do you find each other the most sexy? >> this is all good and all great. i like when she is in a sweat
9:42 pm
pants and t-shirt. >> when do you find him the most sexy? >> 24/7. >> cleaning the house, taking care of the baby. >> yes, helping out with our baby. and just taking her and being like dad, for me, i'm like, bow down, you are the sexiest thing ever. >> they're sexy and sweet. jenna was out supporting her man and his male review. and channing says this is a whole new level of strip tease. >> how long did you have this in your brain to want to do something like this? >> i don't know if this even came from my brain. >> where did it come from? >> it came from other regions. >> we want the women to feel safe. there are woman that come and want to just watch and we have a safe word for those women and the guys will go thank you and go on to the next. >> channing co directed the show at the hard rock in vegas where 13 rock hard bodies recreate the
9:43 pm
magic mike experience. he says he will eventually take the stage. his birthday is coming up. is he going to get cake or cake cake cake cake cake? >> i mean, you always have a little cake cake cake -- >> good answer. >> my favorite thing i have ever been asked in my life. >> channing will have a very happy birthday. still ahead, molly ringwald then and now. her return to tv and life as a mom. >> i try with my own kids. it never works. plus, kelly osbourne's shocking confession. >> i was at a point i hoped i wouldn't wake up. >> from her battle to addiction to her parents' marriage struggles.
9:44 pm
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chronologically, you're 16 today. physically -- you're still 15. >> oh, man! it's hard to believe it's been 33 years since audiences fell in
9:47 pm
love with a 16-year-old molly ringwald in "16 candles." now she is playing a mom role in "riverdale" based on the archie comic. >> i loved archie growing up. what am i going to be like when i grow up. who am i? and it turns out i'm archie's mom. >> molly had left their son archie in the movie but she is back in town. molly, now 49, doesn't look older than when we met her at 15. a founding member of the '80s brat pack. >> i tell them it's a lot of fun. it's hard work. you have to be very mentally stable and have a good family background. >> but now, surrounded by young actors on riverdale she is keeping any guidance to herself. >> i really make a point of not
9:48 pm
giving advice. i try with my own kids. it never works. i mean, people really need to kind of figure out their own path. the most i could say is -- you know, wear sunscreen. with her husband, molly has three kids. it's just a matter of time when they'll be the age molly was when she suffered through those teen years in one hit film after another. >> my elder daughter, matilda is almost 14 and she has seen them all. the other two are 7. they saw "16 candles" at a slumber party which i didn't sign off on. guess what, holmolly is plag another mom on film in an independent movie. let's move on to what is going on inside the house of ozzy and sharon osbourne. >> the cheating, the addiction,
9:49 pm
serious illnesses. it is shocking how how much this family has had to deal with. i covered it all with kelly osbourne, starting with her parents' volatile marriage. >> did you have a moment where you thought my mom is really done? >> i have that moment all the time. my dad is amazing but try living with him. >> it's been almost a year since ozzy's four-year affair with his hairstylist rocked the family. he got help for secretary of state addiction and in october he surprised sharon with a new ring. >> you have to be careful with my mom's hand. from the outside looking in we would say, sharon, when is enough enough? how do you still stay? >> come over to the house. and see them together. and then you get it. i've never seen two people that love each other more.
9:50 pm
>> that love comes from facing a life with intense struggle. kelly reveals in 2002, ozzy o.o.d. eid while sharon had a seizure. she saw both parents flat line at the same time. >> how did you keep going when you were thinking you were going to lose both your parents? >> i numbed myself. painkillers don't kill just physical pain. >> the battle with drugs nearly cost kelly her own life. she went to rehab seven times to fight the same addiction that haunted her dad. >> you talked about being 19 years old and having to clean up your father's vomit. >> i didn't know any different. until my dad got sober. the truth is, when you love someone and you understand someone and what we have been through between my mom's cancer, my dad's parkinson's addiction, my brother's addiction, my
9:51 pm
lyme's disease, my addiction we have been through so much together, we are not perfect and never going to be and we do not want to be. if we can share our pain with others, that's what we would rather do and turn it into a positive and keep loving and moving forward. >> you know today, kelly is 32, single and totally fine with that. the medication she takes for lyme disease caused her to gain weight but she says that's okay too. >> this weekend is the daytime emmy awards here in los angeles. "e.t." is nominated. fingers crossed for us. but maury povich is also nominated. he has been dolling out advice for 26 years now. and we hit the set of maury to find out the secret to his success. >> when it comes to 3-year-old
9:52 pm
addison, cameron, you are not the father. >> i told you. >> you are the father. >> i told you! >> maury's paternity shows are infamous. >> you are not -- >> and that brings us to secret number one, it's always just as surprised as we are. >> i will not allow my producers to tell me anything about the results. i want to be as surprised, shocked, whatever as everybody else in the room. >> it's hard to believe that anything could surprise maury at this point but that's secret number two, the revelations that shocked him. >> two instances on the show where when i was doing a paternity show and this woman was accusing a man of being the father of her twins. and he is the father of one but not the other. >> when it comes from one-month-old kagan, chad, you the father. >> yeah.
9:53 pm
>> and when it comes to one-month-old peyton, chad, you not the father. apparently you can be fraternal twins with two fathers if the lady happens to be busy that time of the month. >> maury's wife is connie chung. they have been married 32 years. his marriage advice is secret number three. >> when your head hits the pillow at night all discussions, i don't care how intense they have been during the day they must end and the next morning is a fresh day. >> buy the way, maury says he will not attend the daytime emmys. he feels like it is bad luck. >> we will be at the big show. and we'll have
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
travel considerations provided by -- there they, are look at all the stars with birthdays this weekend. michelle pfeifer is 59. jerry seinfeld turns 63.
9:57 pm
which "big bang" star began acting at the age of 7? that is johnny who is turning 42 this weekend. hap happy birthday to everyone. checking out wedding gowns. >> you guys it's going to be fun. >> and the cake. >> getting their must haves. plus, kevin james and leah remini. >> we're back. >> as the king of queens stars reunite. >> we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late breaking news go to >> but before we go check out the video for charlie huth's new song. he is going back on tour july 6th. >> enjoy the song, everybody and the rest of your weekend.
9:58 pm
>> bye-bye. ♪ ♪ you're just making sure i'm never getting over you ♪ ♪ what are you doing? what are you doing? ♪ ♪ what are you doing? what are you doing? ♪ what are you doing? what are you doing? ♪ what are you doing? what are you doing?
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